Something to Drool Over

The Texas Board of Education would have been proud of me. You see, I spent all of Saturday slaving in the kitchen cooking for friends. The proper place and vocation for someone of my gender.

Babyfigs hosted the party to commemorate the first anniversary of The Spain Trip, a vacation so epic that it deserves a definite article, capitalized and in italics no less. Eager to recreate the culinary landscape that devoured us last year, Babyfigs, Cupcake and I prepared an ambitious menu.

On the list were gambas al ajillo, empandas de atun, tortilla, pan con tomate, croquetas, pulpo a la gallega, sangria, and even home made churros con chocolate. The endeavor took hours and there were some incidents including a broken bowl and copious tears shed over pungent onions.

Ever the consummate kitchen dwellers, we managed to pull off everything except for the pulpo which unfortunately, retained a flaccid texture that was highly unappealing. I had such high hopes for that one monster tentacle. The picture of the tortilla is courtesy of Cupcake.