Random Notes

Been busy busy busy. Doing what, I couldn’t tell you. Not because it’s a secret but because I’m just realizing that it’s March already and I have no idea what I did for the past couple of months, besides turn another year older.

Let’s see, the Slumlord and the Doctor went to Cartagena last month and brought back some tasty treats.  Yuca and plantain chips!! So delicious. And they are made by Frito Lay. Why don’t we have them here in the states? I’ll never comprehend the utter lack of flavor diversity when it comes to chips in America. Sure it was all fine and retro when they brought back salt and vinegar chips. And we all thought olive oil and black pepper was a brilliant gourmet twist on snacking. Then we branched into red potatoes, blue potatoes, sweet potatoes…But really, that’s all very pedestrian, just like seeing creme brulée and chocolate souffle on the dessert menu.

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