Back in the Kitchen and Out Again

After realizing how much money I had been spending on lunch everyday, I decided to let go of my aversion to microwaved leftovers and start making my own lunches.  Starting off with roasted chicken was probably a bad idea.  Should have stuck to spaghetti.  I hadn’t done any major cooking from scratch in months and trying to butcher my own chicken after such a hiatus was a mistake. Those knives hadn’t been used for much else besides chopping kale or cutting the plastic seal off a tub of salsa.

Not only did I mangle that poor chicken, I also managed to stab my finger and that took a while to stop bleeding. Oy, I could have used a refresher on butchering from Joe.  Chicken turned out decent though and any blood I might have spilled was absent from the finished product.  I tried out Trader Joe’s organic brined chicken instead of the regular stuff and realized that I shouldn’t have strayed. The brine had too many strong, sweet flavors that doesn’t marry well with much else and with such things, you can’t really gauge the quality of the chicken or how long it’s been hanging around the refrigerated section.  This one tasted like an old-timer.

However I was reminded again of why I don’t cook so often anymore.  That’s a lot of chicken for one person to eat and it’s going to last at least four meals which gets old quickly.  And I can’t always pawn it off to the Slumlord (but I will this time).  Until I remember to halve my recipes in the future, I’ll probably go back to being a regular at the taco truck.


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