Bacon: A Minor Distraction

Perhaps it served me right to have been so giddy with joy at finding a job and company I truly enjoy and perhaps I should not have been so vocal about my happiness to certain people but hubris caught with with me today and served up a slice of humble pie along with a shot of crow.

Granted the mistake I made is not a matter of life or death and I keep reminding myself that I and others have survived worse but but for someone who’s her own biggest critic, it’s enough to make me want to bring my own flail into work tomorrow to properly atone for it while I explain myself away.

And while I’m atoning, my deepest apologies to the casual carpool passenger whom I started driving off without while she was still getting one foot in the car.  I’m sure your life flashed before your eyes though you held your composure much better than I did.  Yeah, if there was an Epic Fail Monday blog, I would be making a submission for what transpired today. FML.

Rather than obsess over spilled milk and shattered ego, I’d rather turn my attention to more pleasant things, like bacon, because bacon makes everything taste better, even the in most bitter of moments.

Cupcake had a barbecue yesterday and true to form, it was another epic Q. And it’s not just because we had insane amounts of bulgogi and chicharron tacos alongs with loads of deep fried lumpia. Nor was it just because Joe of DemiPeche brought an insane Nectarine and Blueberry Struesel Tart.  The Q was epic because of all that and the fact that my friend Tsunami brought over the much anticipated Bacon Explosion v2.0. (Don’t ask about v1.0.  It’s spawning new life forms somewhere in his fridge by now.)

Till yesterday, I thought it was just an urban legend but the Bacon Explosion exists just as sure the stars sparkle in the night sky.  The beast was all sorts of crazy — four pounds of bacon and sausage dotted with specks of cheese, chicken, and jalapeños.  Heck, it even resembled a pig if you approached the grill from the right angle.  We all ogled it with curious delight and impatience as Tsunami gave it another turn on the grill to give the crust a nice color, putting the finishing touches on hours of prep.  I was so focused on the sight that I was able to ignore his commentary about how that one log of meat was the equivalent of 1600 calories. It’s all in moderation right?

How did it taste? Delicious!! It was kind of like a spicy pig in a blanket without the carbs.  I do believe this is Atkins friendly in case you’re wondering and hoping…

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