Xie Xie Starbucks

Say what you will about patronizing U.S. chains when traveling to other countries, but there’s something to be said about comfort and familiarity. Not to mention a clean, Western style bathroom.  I wasn’t the only one who sought respite at a Starbucks on Nanjing Rd bordering the outer edge of People’s Park one rainy afternoon. I saw expat businessmen, European tourists, students from the U of Georgia, and local university students using the place for work, rest, and play.

This particular location is very nice and I imagine on clearer days, the upstairs terrace probably affords a lovely view of the park.  I spent the better part of an hour reposing on a comfortable armchair in self-reflection and curious observation, accompanied by a cup of tea and my journal.  No one hurried me on my way.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of home when you’re thousands of miles away. Thanks Starbucks! (No, this is not a shameless plug.)

Starbucks @ People's Park in Shanghai

Starbucks – Nanjing Rd, at People’s Park in Shanghai.  There are two entrances, one inside the park and one from Nanjing Rd.  Outdoor patio on floor level as well as a terrace upstairs.

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