Wired at Midnight

Sure, you can call me a broken record. It’s late and I am wide awake again. But unlike other things in my life, I know with certainty what’s been keeping my eyelids propped open.  It’s a habit I picked up at work of drinking cup after cup of green tea owing to the cold of winter. Without fail, if I’ve been scheduled to work that day, I am guaranteed to be awake until I cry myself to sleep in frustration.  And then the snooze fest starts in the morning at five minute intervals. I’ve tried to wean myself off the caffeine but I just can’t help myself.

Clearly, I’m writing because I worked today and I have to work for the rest of the week.  I know there’s no pity coming my way and there’s none expected.  It’s just been kind of crazy you know? Between traveling back to the OC while having to work over the weekend and suffering from lack of sleep, I’m about to lose my sunny disposition.  My weeknights and weekend are completely booked with stuff and people and I’m almost wishing I had saved a few hours for myself somewhere in there.

So I went home to send pops off to Shanghai. He’s going to be abroad between 3 months to a year or maybe more for work. So much for retirement but I sense that he’s excited about using his business noggin again and feeling useful for being something other than resident pool cleaner and wife chauffeur.  It wasn’t so long ago that he swore up and down that he would never spend a cent in red China, and now, he’s going to sleep with the enemy.  I guess his political affiliations has mellowed with age.  Of course this means that a trip to China is in my future. Gotta dust off el pasaporte and get my visa squared away. Could there be some delicious bao in my belly this summer?

When I got back on Sunday, I headed to Cupcake’s for a small Oscar viewing and ever the Martha Stewart, she made us some delicious dishes in honor of the some of film nominees.  That girl spoils her friends rotten. On the menu were:

Buffalo wings for the “The Blind Side” because what is football without wings?

Deep fried prawns for “District 9” because they call the aliens shrimps or something.

Tomato and goat cheese tart, very French for “An Education.” It was my favorite bite of the night.

Blueberry cobbler for “Avatar” because it’s blue. The recipe was from the Ad-Hoc cookbook and was delicious paired with toasted almond ice cream from Fentons. A big thank you to the Hwanguyens for my birthday copy! I can’t wait to cook from it!

In addition to the home-made stuff, Babyfigs brought hummus for “The Hurt Locker” because it’s Middle Eastern.  My contribution was a giant pomelo, and like this post I’m writing, there was no rhyme or reason for it except for the fact that I just felt like it. And because pomelos are delicious.


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