Random Notes

Been busy busy busy. Doing what, I couldn’t tell you. Not because it’s a secret but because I’m just realizing that it’s March already and I have no idea what I did for the past couple of months, besides turn another year older.

Let’s see, the Slumlord and the Doctor went to Cartagena last month and brought back some tasty treats.  Yuca and plantain chips!! So delicious. And they are made by Frito Lay. Why don’t we have them here in the states? I’ll never comprehend the utter lack of flavor diversity when it comes to chips in America. Sure it was all fine and retro when they brought back salt and vinegar chips. And we all thought olive oil and black pepper was a brilliant gourmet twist on snacking. Then we branched into red potatoes, blue potatoes, sweet potatoes…But really, that’s all very pedestrian, just like seeing creme brulée and chocolate souffle on the dessert menu.

In Asia, I can find flavors like Curry or Peking duck. Even the relatively bland English have Cajun Squirrel, Onion Bhaji, and Chili & Chocolate flavored chips. With our giant melting pot of cuisines, you would think Frito Lay would sell flavors like Capers and Lox, or Tikka Masala, even Pho flavored chips. That would be awesome! Give me something else besides another BBQ or salsa flavor.  But I’m digressing. This post is entitled Random Notes and not Chip on My Shoulder.

So in addition to the snacks of the tuber variety, the Slumlord also brought back some preserved iguana eggs. I haven’t dared to taste them but I can certainly smell them as they are currently airing themselves out on the kitchen counter. Smells like musty socks….not appetizing. And this is coming from someone who loves stinky tofu.  Apparently they taste like thousand year old egg but I’m not putting that putrid ball of lizard goop in my porridge anytime soon.

You should read this tidbit from Gourmet about how they harvest the iguana eggs.  I don’t know about you but if I’m a female iguana hanging out in a tree working on my tan and some jerk knocks me down with a rock and cuts me open to steal my eggs, I’m not going to just scamper off like nothing happened. There’s going to be some serious punishment to dole out and someone will lose his cojones.

I did spend some more time sewing and finished a couple of aprons. These are my own designs and I am quite proud of them. I apologize for the poor photos but it was hard to stifle the wind that was blowing them about.  I’m trying to build up a stock of aprons and purses to sell at the end of the year.  So the goal is to make one a week. I’ve got to justify the money I shell out for fabric.

And finally, over the weekend, I went to what was billed as a “semi-wild” bachelorette party that promised “clean fun”.  Let’s just say that the only thing clean about it was when the performer took a shower.  And then that Josh Groban look-alike…I don’t think I will ever be able to listen to his music again without certain images flashing through my head.  We went Cha Cha Cha for dinner beforehand and this the only picture from the night I can post online without having to ask for your credit card number. Hey, someone has to pay for the therapy sessions as well as new music to replace Josh Groban!


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