Something to Drool Over

The Texas Board of Education would have been proud of me. You see, I spent all of Saturday slaving in the kitchen cooking for friends. The proper place and vocation for someone of my gender.

Babyfigs hosted the party to commemorate the first anniversary of The Spain Trip, a vacation so epic that it deserves a definite article, capitalized and in italics no less. Eager to recreate the culinary landscape that devoured us last year, Babyfigs, Cupcake and I prepared an ambitious menu.

On the list were gambas al ajillo, empandas de atun, tortilla, pan con tomate, croquetas, pulpo a la gallega, sangria, and even home made churros con chocolate. The endeavor took hours and there were some incidents including a broken bowl and copious tears shed over pungent onions.

Ever the consummate kitchen dwellers, we managed to pull off everything except for the pulpo which unfortunately, retained a flaccid texture that was highly unappealing. I had such high hopes for that one monster tentacle. The picture of the tortilla is courtesy of Cupcake.


Taqueria Reynoso – No Fork Required

Taca Barbacoa Dorado

My lunch life has gotten pretty stale and boring ever since I got tied down to this employment gig.  The client has a no eating at your desk policy which was presumably enacted long ago, when someone brought in an unbearably fragrant meal and emptied out the building.  Given that I’m usually working through lunch, I have to skirt the policy and eat at my desk, trying to fly under the radar while typing away at my spreadsheets.   However, this means that I am limited to sterile and fork friendly foods like salads, hence my unsolicited friendship with Jack-in-the-Box.  Only a 2 minute drive away, Jack fits the bill for these lunchtime occasions but when you’re shackled to something that you didn’t choose for yourself, it breeds latent dissatisfaction. Jack is nice and all, but just how many southwest chicken salads should one girl have to eat in a lifetime?

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Wired at Midnight

Sure, you can call me a broken record. It’s late and I am wide awake again. But unlike other things in my life, I know with certainty what’s been keeping my eyelids propped open.  It’s a habit I picked up at work of drinking cup after cup of green tea owing to the cold of winter. Without fail, if I’ve been scheduled to work that day, I am guaranteed to be awake until I cry myself to sleep in frustration.  And then the snooze fest starts in the morning at five minute intervals. I’ve tried to wean myself off the caffeine but I just can’t help myself.

Clearly, I’m writing because I worked today and I have to work for the rest of the week.  I know there’s no pity coming my way and there’s none expected.  It’s just been kind of crazy you know? Between traveling back to the OC while having to work over the weekend and suffering from lack of sleep, I’m about to lose my sunny disposition.  My weeknights and weekend are completely booked with stuff and people and I’m almost wishing I had saved a few hours for myself somewhere in there.

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Power Lunching in Beverly Hills

When I jetted down to the OC this past week on a not-quite-glamorous but ever-so-practical Southwest aeroplane, I made plans to have lunch with AT, who had been eating up a storm in Los Angeles. Frazzled by my itinerary and the errands I had to run for family, I didn’t have time to think of what I was craving. So in true omakase style, I simply said, “I just want to be blown away” and left the decision up to him. Ever the consummate foodie mensch, AT came through in fine samurai form.

This delectable composition you see here was one of the dishes I had for lunch at that Los Angeles institution known as Spago. It was the first course of a five course tasting menu that was fantastically delicious.

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Random Notes

Been busy busy busy. Doing what, I couldn’t tell you. Not because it’s a secret but because I’m just realizing that it’s March already and I have no idea what I did for the past couple of months, besides turn another year older.

Let’s see, the Slumlord and the Doctor went to Cartagena last month and brought back some tasty treats.  Yuca and plantain chips!! So delicious. And they are made by Frito Lay. Why don’t we have them here in the states? I’ll never comprehend the utter lack of flavor diversity when it comes to chips in America. Sure it was all fine and retro when they brought back salt and vinegar chips. And we all thought olive oil and black pepper was a brilliant gourmet twist on snacking. Then we branched into red potatoes, blue potatoes, sweet potatoes…But really, that’s all very pedestrian, just like seeing creme brulée and chocolate souffle on the dessert menu.

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