A Tiger’s Tale , Performed by Cookies

Every year for the past two years, Babyfig has hosted a Christmas cookie bake off at her apartment, with Cupcake, her sister, and I as the usual culprits in this escapade. The Wang sisters provide their longstanding gingerbread recipe while I supply the extra labor.  We spend the whole day mixing, rolling, cutting, scooping, baking, and of course, eating.

This year, we wanted to branch out beyond the usual gingerbread men for something a little more tied to the big news stories that none of us can avoid hearing about, no matter how hard we try. So we decided to re-create what we think happened that fateful night in Florida when a Tiger got mauled by a woman scorned.

Here’s how we believe it went down.

The “official” report said that they found Tiger on the ground, having been rescued by Mrs. T, who used a golf club to break through the review mirror of their SUV.

But we think this is what really happened after Tiger crashed and got out of his SUV.

Here’s a close up so we can all be sure…

Unfortunately, the only other witness to the event wasn’t able to give a statement to investigators so some of the “facts” were not uncovered during the brief investigation.

And that’s the way the cookie crumbled.

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